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800-Series Submersible Kits
The HOBBS #871-Series WET-PAK submersible pump kit offers a unique alternative to the traditional above-floor submersible fountain pumping system by moving the pump and plumbing from plain view and into a flush mount, prefabricated, stainless steel pump pit. This reduces clutter on the fountain floor leaving your eyes to focus on the fountain feature, not the pumping system. The HOBBS WET-PAK also features a removable fibermat filter element that screens debris from the water, preventing clogging of the pump and piping. And to protect your investment in case someone enters the fountain, all WETPAKS come with a fiberglass grating cover that can hold the weight of a person. HOBBS WET-PAK Pump Kits arrive at the job-site pre-assembled with pump, cord seal(s) and/or underwater junction box, discharge ball valve, drain fitting with plug, and 3/4" fitting for connection of fill piping. Once the plumbing and electrical connections have been made, and the fountain structure poured, the WET-PAK is ready for operation. Control of the WET-PAK is typically handled by mounting a mechanical time clock or simple on/off switch in a convenient location near the fountain. Contact our office for order and price information on electrical controls. (NOTE: All power to the WETPAK must be protected by a Class A ground fault interrupter device).
871-Series WET-PAK Pump Kits
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