WaterShapes Magazine Article, February 2009
"Sailing Grace"

Synopsis: Using glass, water, and light to make a statement. This article illustrates the challenge to develop a sculpture that would make a strong statement about the commissioning company's expertise in engineering and motion-control technology. Montreal's SWON Design partnered with Hobbs Fountains to deliver elegant aesthetics by tapping into product development and redefining the roll of more..


Landscape Architect Magazine Article, July 2006
"Escape the Summer Heat at MLK Splash Pad "

Synopsis: The summer is a time for children to be outside and enjoy the surrounding community. This was a not a prevalent idea for a once forgotten community in upper state New York. East side residence were uplifted by the urban development led by the community municipality and H2Ofun, the children aquatic spray feature division of Hobbs Architectural more..

Orange County Register Article, October 2005
"An Exercise in Simplicity"

Synopsis: In an interview with Maya Lin, an architect known for her elegant art, introduces a calm and serene outside sitting area. The area encompasses many water walls as well as a focal water table that resembles the granite benches along its perimeter. Learn how the architect came to her design and created a quiet and reflective landscape at the University of California in more.


Atlanta Journal Constitution Article, March 2004
"Tech Grad Sees Dream in 9/11 Memorial "

Synopsis: If developing an extravagant memorial into an already colossal and detrimental event is not already hard enough, Arad, the architect who designed the 9/11 Memorial is finding challenges in navigating politics and publicity around the more..

PROJECT for PUBLIC SPACES Article, February 2003
"Great Public Spaces, Duluth Town Green "

Synopsis: The Green is in the middle of the downtown business district and is surrounded by the back of the Main Street stores, new condominiums, Taylor Park and the City Hall. A major East-West transportation corridor passes between the front of City Hall and the Town Green. Everyone who passes through Duluth gets to see the dramatic view down the sloping grass Green to the 70’ water more..