As H2OBBS Architectural Fountains entered the new millenium, a dedication to responsible technology, or innovation, was freshly cultivated in order to bring a new generation of intelligence to our products.

Having over forty years of business has taught us a thing or two, and has given us a focus on supplying quality components and a strong vision of the future – innovation. Hobbs Fountains exercises our commitment to innovation by investing in product development. Our progress has lent us the knowledge and know-how to supply a product catalog of fountain and pool replacement parts while our experienced technicians provide field maintenance, installation, and fountain training 101.

With lower barriers to entry and accelerated development cycles, even the most successful businesses face the unfortunate but inescapable reality that their competitors are only a step behind them, churning out similar products with similar functions and benefits. This is where real innovation becomes essential. Today, the word "innovation" has become so overused and loaded that it has devalued, and in some cases, lost its meaning. What does Innovation really mean, and how can it be better integrated into the way we do business?

Innovation begins with commitment to Research and Development.

The Research & Development Team at HOBBS Fountains has been tinkering in the shop with new technologies and applying these products and concepts to new water features. We are always interested in engaging in creative discourse in order to keep learning and "cross pollinating" industry trades.

Currently, we are concentrating our efforts on dry fountains. These are indoor features that mimic the appeal of fast-motion lava lamps. A flush mount jet thrusts water patterns through a transparent tube allowing the water to slide down the inner tube like a water wall. LED lights evolve through a program of colors giving your plug-in dry fountain a vibrantly animated and hypnotic quality.