Hobbs Floating Fountains provides Floating Fountains with simple displays to larger units with ‘one-of-a-kind’ displays.

Hobbs Floating Fountains are developed with over thirty-six years of experience in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of architectural fountains. For years, Hobbs has developed custom floating systems. In the early 1980s, we were called upon by Walt Disney World to create the spectacular floating barges for the lakes at Epcot Center. Other clients sought a reliable floating system whose design, quality, and longevity proved to be successful. Seizing the opportunity to enhance and re-establish industry standards, Hobbs engineering achieved its goal of designing a complete floating fountain system with easy installation, simple maintenance, and interchangeable spray effects.

Our floating fountains are designed to satisfy your project whether it’s a small pond needing a simple display or a lake suited for a larger programmed and sequenced water feature.

What are the benefits of a floating fountain?
Floating fountains not only add aesthetic beauty to a body of water, but they also work to improve the lake or pond’s overall eco-system. The quality of water in any lake or pond is constantly threatened by nutrient overloading caused by fertilizer and debris runoff. Nature responds by producing undesirable algae and aquatic weeds. The spray produced by a Hobbs Floating Fountain absorbs oxygen from the air. Once the oxygen laden droplets strike the surface of the lake, oxygen is released into the water. The increase in oxygen assists in the improvement of the overall health of the lake’s eco-system by promoting the aerobic bacterial digestion process which reduces the growth of algae and unwanted aquatic vegetation.

How does a Floating Fountain work?
A Hobbs Floating Fountain consists of a submersible pump which discharges water thru a precision machined spray nozzle to create a fountain display. The pump assembly is attached to a flotation unit which allows the unit to move up or down as the lake or pond’s water level changes. Submersible cable connects the floating fountain unit to a control panel typically located in an inconspicuous shore location.

How are Floating Fountains constructed?
Hobbs Floating Fountains are constructed from rotocast polypropylene U.V. resistant floats with an all stainless steel welded frame assembly. Stainless steel submersible pumps are firmly secured to the stainless steel frame and are covered with a stainless steel intake screen to prevent foreign material from clogging or entering the suction point of the pump. The operation of the floating fountain is controlled via a U.L. Listed Control Panel. All Hobbs Control Panels include an operational timer, GFI protection, lightning protection and overload protection – all housed in a NEMA rated weather-proof steel enclosure.

What about quality assurance?
Prior to shipment, each floating fountain is tested in our exterior testing facility to quality check the spray pattern, pump performance, flotation, and underwater lighting (if equipped).

What extra options are available?

  • Lighting Packages
    Hobbs Floating Fountains create dramatic nighttime focal points when equipped with optional recommended lighting packages. All of Hobbs Floating Fountain Lighting Packages include U.L. Listed cast bronze fixtures equipped with lens, light gaskets, and bronze rock guards.

  • Wind Compensation System
    A two-stage wind compensation system is available to reduce the spray blown from the display during moderate and high-wind conditions. During moderate wind conditions, stage one is used to reduce the height of the water display. During heavy wind conditions, stage two is used to deactivate the pump.

  • Freeze Protection System
    The optional freeze protection system can be used to activate the pump & lighting system (if equipped) during moderate freezing conditions to prevent damage to the fountain. During heavy freeze conditions (extended temperatures below 27°F), the floating fountain should be removed and stored in a location with temperatures above 32°F.

What if I want a custom fountain?
If you are looking for a ‘one-of-a-kind’ display, Hobbs Floating Fountains can work with you to create a unique floating fountain. With our extensive background in the fountain industry, our designers will easily design a unique, signature fountain for your pond or lake.

I have a smaller size pond. Do you have anything for me?
We are pleased to offer Kasco Marine .5, .75, and 2 HP fountain aerators ideal for smaller ponds. These units are light-weight, easy to install and operate. Contact our office for additional information.

I’m ready to purchase a floating fountain. What’s next?
Purchasing one of our standard floating fountains is as simple as contacting our office. We will guide you thru the selection of a floating fountain including the selection of options to meet your individual needs.

For more info on Hobbs Floating Fountains, click here to download brocure. (950K PDF)