H2O Architects provides Professional Services to manage a project from initial conception through construction.

The Design Services Division of Hobbs Architectural Fountains, H2O Architects, is a fully functional design division that can generate a water feature from scratch or enhance existing thoughts, ideas or renovations.

The Hobbs team is composed of a skilled group of individuals that provide professional services both domestically and internationally. The team is adept and experienced in dealing with the design and construction procedures in the U.S. as well as in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. So whatever your ideas involve, share them with us, and we will make your dreams a reality.

Internationally recognized for the ability to produce brilliant and entertaining water displays, as well as quiet, contemplative fountains, this division is responsible for thousands of the fountains, water sculptures and special effects found around the globe. Our clients benefit from over 137 years of design, engineering, manufacturing and sales experience. Each client receives the industry’s finest creativity, technology and service in addition to the benefits of quality work at a reasonable cost.

Our Design Services Division became a pivotal team member to Steven Spielberg in the development of his thrilling water celebration scene at the Universal Studios E.T. Ride in Orlando, Florida. Designer Maya Lin sought our engineering expertise with the Civil Rights Memorial fountain sculpture in Montgomery, Alabama.

The world saw two of H2O Architects’ proudest accomplishments during the summer of 1996 in Atlanta: The Centennial Olympic Ring Fountain and the Olympic Village Fountain. The Centennial Ring Fountain was the highlight of the 1996 Summer Olympic experience and became one of the most photographed fountains in the world. Television viewers worldwide saw the spectacular Olympic Village Fountain featuring our patented H2O Picture Show projecting the Olympic Rings as a hologram onto the fountain’s misty spray.

The harmony of science and art is the goal of each project at H2O Architects. Each team member assigned to a project brings specialties in art, architecture, design and engineering. Support services in sales, marketing, customer service, and administration complete the company’s objective of providing a total quality service.

Each project presents new challenges in design and execution with previous works forming a base from which to develop future technologies. Founder William Hobbs observes, “Current technology has guaranteed water displays that could only have been imagined 15 years ago.” One example may be found in the memorial fountain located in the Mildred and Claude Pepper – Bayfront Park in Miami. Working with famed sculptor, the late Isamu Noguchi, H2O Architects turned Noguchi’s concept of “creating the ocean” into a reality. Today the fountain displays the power of stormy waves, mists, water spouts, and evokes the gentle splashing of waves along a sunny beach.