Bromine is a typical water treatment system, and has been used in thousands of pool and fountain installations nation-wide. It is our experience that bromine will not cause or remove “white residue” (calcium deposit, effervescence) from the pool surface, tile, man made or natural stone. Improper ph balance will cause the above. A pH test monitors the level of chlorine, bromine, ph, total alkalinity, and water. Hobbs offers a Pro Pool & Spa Test Kit. Contact Parts & Service for pricing and availability (770.457.3000).

Ozone is used only to alleviate the odor of fountain/pool chemicals. CO2 has been used in fountain and pool applications to prevent calcium deposits on the fountain / pool surfaces.

If a sealant would be acceptable in the project’s architectural standards, we advise contact be made with the supplier of the stone to seek advice as to what sealant would be most appropriate.