Troubleshooting Guide

Before proceeding, please first check that:
  • All controls and settings are in the normal operating mode.
  • All equipment and wiring is properly installed and in a clean, tested, operable condition.
  • Monitor “cubes” are solidly inserted into their bases.
  • Vent holes, top and bottom, in the cylinder around the probes on the front of the sensor in the fountain are open so air and water will flow through them freely.
Choose an issue below for a listing of possible causes and solutions:
  1. Automatic filling occurs up to the lower probe only and pump(s) (and fountain lights) do not come on.
  2. Filling does not stop when water rises to upper probe.
  3. Fountain does not fill (water does not flow through solenoid valve) when water drops below upper probe.
  4. Pump(s) (and fountain lights)do not come on when water rises to lower probe.
  5. Pump(s) (and fountain lights) do not go off when water drops below lower probe.
  6. Excessively frequent operation of auto-fill valve when pump is on.
  7. Non-operation of auto-fill valve.
  8. Loss of water in pool when pump is off.
  9. Loss of water in bowl when pump is off.
  10. Frequent stoppage of pump.
  11. Excessive noise of pump.
  12. Fountain lights not lighting up.
  13. Problem with Impulse Jets.
  14. General water loss problems.
  15. Vault flooding.