AIA Continuing Education + Professional Learning

Over forty years of engineering and manufacturing water features has taught us a thing or two, and it makes sense to pass on our know-how to you, the designer.

For instance, there are a few key areas that need to be considered when developing a fountain concept. Fountains are so much more than the actual aesthetic you see; there is an intricate pumping system behind the scenes that brings each fountain to life .

This course will introduce and explain all components used in a typical fountain application, so the designer will better understand the engineering process & language of aquatic consulting. Also, the course maps out a technical overview of design parameters for each type of water feature. These are all tools that every designer or architect needs to obtain in order to manage a successful and efficient design process.

The idea is to make water feature application easier on the designer. It is really not that tricky once you get the basics.

  • Give your designers the knowledge and know-how to successfully introduce water into a design plan.
  • Learn the language of fountain design
  • Learn the process to develop a fountain concept
  • Tour a fountain manufacturing facility
  • Expose your team to the fountain industry’s product standards and development trends.
  • Touch the hot topics associated with mechanically engineering each particular type of fountain.

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Hobbs is able to accommodate inhouse workshops, facility tours, and a prototyping case study for those firms who wish for the workshops to be conducted at the Hobbs Fountains Headquarters in Atlanta.